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Petrades Marketplaces by Derbfactory Business Solutions

Petrades web auction.
If you want to PLACE A BID, teleport to the kiosk using the acution-hammer sign. Touch the kiosk and follow the instructions. If you want to OFFER YOUR OWN auction, buy a kiosk in our store.

Pikoversum Metaverse PRE-LIVE LAUNCHED! more than just a new Breedable!
marketplace - official group - website - Special pre-live offer@partner locations

Starting 02/05/2023, all newly listed Ponie Pals, K9, Birds and Ducks will be upgraded with a fee flatrate for 1 year.


Most Listings Angelique Winslet (275) Mirajane0660 (239) MaxMc444 (198)
Most Listings 24h Roxy Ibor (16) Mirajane0660 Resident (8) Lamohra (6)

1 listing on 1 region by 1 seller
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2:24h Dackedidi Mile Borgatti but
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