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Petrades Marketplaces by Derbfactory Business Solutions

Petrades web auction.
If you want to PLACE A BID, teleport to the kiosk using the acution-hammer sign. Touch the kiosk and follow the instructions. If you want to OFFER YOUR OWN auction, buy a kiosk in our store.


Most Listings Topper Naxos (36) Dackedidi Miles (32) Bibbitt Borel (30)
VIP Seller soon soon soon

4 listings on 4 regions by 4 sellers
Title Type Price Ending Owner Region tp
fb3rd Gen Lacing Orchid
Taking Offers. Has Passed Orchid.
MC-Dragons L$0
No bids
5h Dvtchy Dio but
rb Petrades Auction Demo
This is an example Petrades Premium Auction! Try out! Fake bids are welcome!
MC-Dragons L$0
No bids
18h Dackedidi Miles Borgatti but
fbHorn Pigment Fire Datentud
MC-Dragons L$10000
No bids
46h Jacey Feden Minx Dragons but
fbMystical Dragon Egg
MC-Dragons L$80000
No bids
65h cloudchaser91 Dellamore Cove but
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