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Title Stat Parents 1+ 5+ -24h L$ -

Most Listings cesila Tomsen (85) Arran Rhys (67) domjo (62)
Most Listings 24h Roxy Ibor (10) adam787 (4) Executioner Vaher (3)

4 listings on 2 regions by 1 seller
Title Type Price Ending Owner Region tp
rb Drake Brimstone Flarenacht/Indigo
L$2700 adam787 The Mystica but
rb Ceondet4XFruzayl Citrine Ripple M
🥚 L$2000 adam787 The Mystica but
rb Citrine Ripple Sossurth
L$1900 adam787 Minx Dragon but
rb Brimstone Flarenacht/Indigo Fissure
L$1700 adam787 The Mystica but
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